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Always buy genuine "Cinch" traps with the name Cinch stamped in the plate. Other traps do not hold up or have the same trigger quality. These are made in the USA. You can find a cheaper Chinese copy but it is not the same quality nor good for our economy. 




***********We ship every day!******** Thank you for your great interest in our stainless steel baskets and wire mesh! Everything is back in stock



gophercinch.JPG Cinch Gopher and Mole Trap

Simply the best - made in USAmoreinfo_sm.gif

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horiweb.jpg Hori Hori Knife

Perfect for opening burrows!moreinfo_sm.gif

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kit1comp.JPG Cinch Method Starter Kit - SPECIAL PRICE!

Do your own control with this basic starter kit.moreinfo_sm.gif

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prokit.JPG Super Starter Kit - New Lower Price!

Big Problem Kit or Pro Kitmoreinfo_sm.gif

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caseofcinch.jpg 1 Case Of Cinch Traps (12)

 Save by the casemoreinfo_sm.gif

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sswire.jpg Stainless Steel Gopher and Mole Wire 4' x100' roll 18 GA 304 Stainless Steel -Sale Price!
$349.00 $329.00 On Sale!

18 gauge 304 grade stainless square mesh - the best you can buy at a great price!


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gwireweb.jpg Double Galvanized Gopher/mole wire 4' x 100' 18 GA

Best galvanized wire on the market - double coating, 18 gauge square mesh


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baskets.JPG Stainless Steel Gopher Basket - 1 gallon (case of 24)
Bulbs and Small Plantsmoreinfo_sm.gif

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15 gal basket.JPG Stainless Steel 5 gallon Gopher Basket (case of 12) In Stock

Perennials, larger annuals and small shrubs.moreinfo_sm.gif

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15gal2.JPG Stainless Steel 15 gallon Gopher Basket (case of 12)

Best for tree and large perinnials moreinfo_sm.gif




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cinchlive2.jpg Cinch Live Gopher and MoleTrap

Do no harm or for field studiesmoreinfo_sm.gif

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Jasper Rats2.jpg Ratmaster Repeating Rat Trap

Finally a farm/ranch scale rat trap!moreinfo_sm.gif

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blackfox.jpg Repeating Ground Squirrel Trap

Catch a colony at once!  The standard Black Fox is the strongest and best professional model.   moreinfo_sm.gif


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gift cert web.jpg Gophers Limited Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate If you'd like to purchase a gift certificate, click on the drop down menu below. You can also purchase one by mailing a check to Gophers Limited (email me for address at Either way, a printed gift certificate will be mailed to either you or the person you choose. When the recipient orders a product and enters gift certificate number, I will refund the amount of the certificate. Similar to a rebate but easier.
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dvdfrontws.jpg Controlling Gophers and Moles Without Poisons DVD - Free Shipping
$29.00 $19.00 On Sale!

Learn the secretsmoreinfo_sm.gif

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Cinch Gopher and Mole Traps
Gopher Goo

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